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3D Artist Projects


Developed using Zbrush, Mari, Maya, xgen, and Photoshop. 

Compositing 1 final project, with guidance of the instructor, In charge of the composition of the film plate with the 3d model, texturing, lighting, and environment.  3d model and film plate were provided by the school. 

Project #3: Water simulation inside houdini, worked in every asset. 

Project #4: Viscous bodies simulation inside houdini.

Final Project for Visual Development Class. I worked in the textures, placement, and lighting, models were provided by the school. 


Top ROW: FInal Project for CAN2, in charge of the animation, lipsync, camera, lighting, and shaders. Models and rig were provided by the school.  

two Bottom Row: Example projects of an animation with no sound, and our first walk animation. 

project #3 for VFX class, particles simulation with maya. Worked in every asset. 

Worked in the rig with the guidance of our instructor, then cleaned a MOCAP file, to later be rendered. The troll model was giving by the school.